What is DanceSport?

DanceSport is what used to be referred to as competitive Ballroom Dancing, renamed to suit its modern image as a demanding sport. Characteristics consist of physical strength, agility, co-ordination, stamina, high level of fitness, discipline, teamwork, grace, style and musical interpretation.  

DanceSport is now recognised by the International Olympic Committee as a sport for eventual inclusion in the Olympic program.  DanceSport provides opportunity for developing athletic discipline of body and mind as well as artistic creativity through musical interpretation, costume design and choreographic programming.


Why Dance Sport?

Whether it's just for fun, to meet new friends, to learn that particular dance, a special occasion i.e. wedding dance, or just to get fit and healthy, DanceSport Tasmania Studio Principals can assist you with any desire or needs in relation to Ballroom & Latin American dancing in Tasmania.

They offer dance classes for all ages and all abilities! They have fully qualified teachers to assist you with every step, literally, and can teach you the basic moves or the bridal dance of your dreams.

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