Tasmanian Open Dancesport championship

saturday 11th August 2018

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The 2017 Championship

The Tasmanian Open is the only major ballroom dancing event in Tasmania  and offers both the community and local dancers the opportunity to experience the highest standard of DanceSport that you can experience anywhere in Australia. The major dancing magazine Dance Review called the Tasmanian Open the "competition of the year".


The Competitors

The call goes out each year to competitors right around Australia, New Zealand and the world to come to Tasmania and experience a championship like no other. DanceSport Tasmania's main objective is to give competitors a jam packed full house to showcase their talents, where we treat them like the stars of the show. These dancers are the best of the best across all 3 styles of DanceSport, and across all age groups.


an event like no other

tickets available 3rd July

The Tasmanian Open offers Tasmanian audiences the chance to experience a display of this sport at its highest level, as well as opportunities for people of all ages to become involved in Dancesport as social and competitive dancers.

It is the only competition across Australia to offer prize money to all amateur competitors across all abilities and ages groups giving us a unique edge over other State events, and the total pool of prize money is the second largest in Australia.

This event, which has been running for around 30 years, has grown from an audience of 200 in 2009 to an audience exceeding 1,400 at last year’s championship.

Tickets to the Tasmanian Open DanceSport Championship go on sale Monday 3rd July 2017.




Silverdome Launceston

A premiere sport and entertainment venue, the Silverdome is located off Oakden Road at Prospect, Launceston, only a few minutes away from the city CBD. For nearby accomodation options, click here.