Online Entry


Tasmanian Open DanceSport online entry system 


Our On-line Entry System is integrated with the DanceSport Australia Registration Database.

This system will automatically check your registration status.

All Australian competitors are required to be registered with DanceSport Australia at the time of placing their entry.

Australian entries require the DSA CID number, this is the bar-code number that is on all DSA Registration Cards. You can also find this number within your account that is located on the Project 5000 website.

All Entries are attached to an email address that has been validated. An email will be sent from this system to your email address with a validation link; clicking this link will show that you have access to the nominated address. Validation is only required once.

DanceSport Australia Recreational Competitor Card

DanceSport Australia Recreational Competitor Card

DanceSport Australia Amateur Competitor Card

DanceSport Australia Amateur Competitor Card

2019 Syllabus

Conditions of Entry

This event will be conducted under the Rules of DanceSport Australia and is registered as a Championship.

  • The organisers reserve the right to refuse an entry, combine or cancel any events with insufficient numbers.

  • Juvenile may dance Junior Open.

  • Junior may dance Under 21 Open.

  • Under 21 may dance Adult Open.

  • Masters 3 may dance Master 2 Open, Masters 2 may dance Masters 1 Open.

  • All C Grade can dance B Grade

  • All Open events are open to C grade & Above

  • Pro's / Teacher may only enter one competitor per event.

  • Pro Am & Teacher Student Entry fee must be paid prior to Entry being accepted $50 first event then $20 every other event entered.

  • Teacher / Student Single Dance is $15 Per Dance

  • Recreational Sub - Juvenile may dance Juvenile.

  • By entering any event at this Championship, ALL competitors agree that photographs and /or video footage taken at the Championship as arranged by DanceSport Tasmania (the organiser) may be used by the organiser to promote DanceSport and / or future competitions, without reference to the competitors or any financial or other benefits to the competitors.